State E
           Biology (External and Internal Reviewers)
           Chemistry (External and Internal Reviewers)
            History/Social Science (Grade 10 & Grade 11--External and Internal Reviewers)

    State F
            History (End of Instruction & Grade 8--External and Internal Reviewers)
            Science (Grade l8--External and Internal Reviewers)

    Language Arts
            State E  (Grade 4, Grade 7, & Grade 10)
            State F and G (State F: Grade 5, Grade 8, & Grade 11) (State G: Grades 4, 8, & 11)
            State H (Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, & Grade 9)

    Comparison of External Reviewers with Internal Reviewers by State and Grade
            Science (States E & F)
            Social Studies (States E & F)

    Reliability of Depth-of-Knowledge Levels Ratings
Language Arts, Mathematics, Science and Social Studies (State E and State F)
            Language Arts and Mathematics (States G & H)

Percent of Standards with Acceptable Alignment
             Social Studies

Alignment Presentation Slides

            Alignment slides 

             Alignment slides in power point